Latest Publications

Key enzyme decoded //  New control circuit discovered. More details in RVZ news.

Understanding diseases

Scientists at the Center investigate young megakaryocytes under the fluorescence microscope. They want to find out more about their role in stopping bleeding.

Promoting young scientists

With our Virchow School Lab and our own degree courses we contribute to creating tomorrow's top researchers.

Recognizing connections

Our scientists want to explain molecular processes to better understand the causes of cardiovascular, cancer, or infectious diseases.

Well equipped

Our scientists work with the most up-to-date technologies – a basis for excellent research.

Latest News

Guardian of the genome: Structure of key enzyme decoded

Scientists from the University of Würzburg solved the structure of the human protein RecQ4 and gained insights into its unusual functional mechanisms, which could help towards the development of new therapeutic strategies against certain tumors.

Regulation of blood coagulation: Molecular switches guide blood forming cells

Scientists from the University of Würzburg successfully elucidated new details about a circuit regulating platelet biogenesis. These important findings could contribute to a better understanding of the mechanism leading to bleeding disorders.

Appointment as Professor

Dr. Katrin Heinze, Bio-Imaging-Center, has been appointed as a Professor for Molecular Microscopy at the Rudolf Virchow Center for Experimental Biomedicine at the University of Würzburg as from 24.05.2017.